14 November 2007

2 wishes for the future

It seems that for Science Week, bloggers are being encouraged to reflect on science, past, present and future. Damien Mulley posted today's question, and two entries already covered the Star Trek transporter and Giant Fighting Robots. The question was "what invention would you like to see in the future?"; that was not enough for me. I need an "s" on that invention, and none of that altruistic stuff about saving the world. I want the future to be all about me. First invention (and please invent quick!!!): a calory-annihilating machine, so that I can eat this and this, and not even think of a WeightWatchers meeting. Once this is done, my svelte self wants a self-cleaning house; close the door in the morning, and when you come home, no dust, no disgusting scummy lines in the shower/bath, no crumbs on the table, no puddle where your ten year old spillt the bowl of coco pops and "forgot" to clean it. If noone can invent either of those, then, can I please become like Samantha?

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