16 January 2008


The Internet is mocking me. It is throwing my faithful following right back in my face, even though I have patiently explored, read, pondered various aspects of its communicative elements.

I was reading a very interesting article on fan fiction, by Angela Thomas. And decided to investigate one of the authors she cites. So off to DCU library online. Nothing. TCD maybe? Nope. So, onwards to Amazon. Dear Amazon, saviour of the reader of little-known books in Ireland, please tell me all about Technological Literacy. And what does it answer?

Your search "technological literacy luke" did not match any products.

That was disappointing, but acceptable. Then came the mockery, nay the taunting. Instead of technological literacy, this Internet fiend suggested I read these:

"Cook Yourself Thin": The Delicious Way to Drop a Dress Size Paperback by Harry Eastwood

Ha! Like I have time to cook, let alone cook thin stuff...

Or else:

A Quiet Belief in Angels [New Ed] Paperback by R.J. Ellory

Why exactly would I need to believe in angels? And why now? Something to do with the chapter that is not yet written? Or the very un-thin cooking? What exactly is Teh Internet trying to tell me????

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