09 March 2008

Elastic time

Daithí's post today reminded me once again of the bi-annual mental block that grips me when we have to change time. Every year, twice a year, my brain freezes as I try to comprehend whether we lose or gain time as the clock goes backwards or forwards. This year, I won't even try, because time is all in your mind, or so says the New York Times:

the time we experience bears little relation to time as read on a clock. The brain creates its own time, and it is this inner time, not clock time, that guides our actions. In the space of an hour, we can accomplish a great deal — or very little.

The time related to my thesis seems to expand and shrink at a furious rate. Thursday and Friday, time had shrunk, and the output was great. Today, time is slow slow slow, and the output - nonexistent. I could calculate a word to hour ratio and correlate it with the internal clock that speeds or slows down time. If I could add or multiply, or divide, or whatever it is that has to be done for calculating ratios. Or if I had time to learn basic maths and then progress to genius level maths, and then I could also study the time expansion technique that is procrastination. Or I could go back to writing.

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