02 February 2010

Eggs, flour and milk

What do eggs, flour and milk have to do with religion? Quite a lot, it seems. Today, February 2nd is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Few people know that. In France, very few people know that, and yet, everyone from Paris to Marseille and from Lyon to Bordeaux will be celebrating by making crepes for la Chandeleur.

February 16th  will then be Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, and pancakes will be eaten in Ireland and the UK.  The cultures are different, the religions not necessarily exactly the same, but the recipes are very very close. The French crepe recipe calls for  sugar  to be added to the batter, as well as a flavouring, either orange water or some type of brandy. It is also thinner than its Irish cousin, and is served with sugar. Irish and UK pancakes are rolled, but crepes are often folded in four, in the shape of a triangle.

We will eat crepes for the Chandeleur, pancakes for pancake Tuesday, and maybe also the smaller and thicker American pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.


Françoise said...

I think I also eat crepes on Mardi Gras and Mi-Carême...

lily said...

Thank you for letting us know when Pancake Tuesday falls. Pancakes are great - easy to make, straigh-forward ingredients. And so tasty.

I mightn't wait 'till Pancake Tuesday now that you have reminded me :)