01 September 2005

Birds, Bees and Educated Fleas

They're all doing it, some have been blogging for a long time, others are just joining in, and I've been reading them - for ever, it seems, cloaked sometimes, commenting sometimes, and always always procrastinating. A title is so hard to find, would I post every day, who would read, and would I want them to read? And then I went over to the dark side, the side of the educated fleas, and I started reading more... professionally. Does that sound dark enough, evil-laugh dark? Hark the sound of the procrastinator. Should I write a research blog, just a this-is-what-I'm-doing-with-your-blog blog, or will I let little parts of my life sneak in? Or maybe write a daily journal, an everyday blog like those I like to read, and sneak in little parts of research? Ultimately, time and blog will tell.

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