15 November 2005

Blogging and ironing

Today I need to stand back and think.

Most days I drive to college, sit at my desk, turn on my computer and find myself led by searches on who has written what in the budding yet prolific world of Internet research; or I read and read, and take notes and more notes of more books to read until the future is an endless list of unread books.

So today I needed to think. Others might sit at their desk and type their thoughts, then stare into their screens and type again. Not me. As far as I can remember – all the way back to my first-time-around university years, the way to reflection was either through walking in the streets, or standing in the shower. Washing my hair always seemed to precipitate thought. Years and experience have added another setting propicious to thought – ironing works for me. And let me add that this is indeed a Good Thing, for the ironing pile had started its invasion of the study and unchecked, might have reached the sitting room.

And look, I wrote a second entry!

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