21 November 2005

Is this it?

Age has caught up with my baby finger. I might have sprained it – how does one sprain a baby finder? However, I have decided that this is no sprain, this is IT. Rheumatism. Old Age. Slippers by the fire. A slow retreat from the world. I may be a tad dramatic here, and ever so slightly over-reacting – it’s not even the whole finger, for Heaven’s sake, and who’s been covering grey hair with brown for the last ten years? But it is symbolic, a cruel reminder that those around me, in their Ugg boots and loose Levis, are ever so slightly different from me. I like college, but for odd reasons: I like the books, the learning, the researching, and the studying. The enthusiasm for drinking, angst sessions and the desperate search for a soul mate was all used up the first time around, for which I thank my lucky stars, for these weighty matters seem to still weigh heavily in the *real* students’ minds. I hear about it, I read about it, and sometimes, in the midst of some “he loves me/he loves me not” tale of woe, I find myself thinking “For God’s sake! There’s more to life than this!”And then I shake my head and realize that no, probably not. Social interaction, philosophical questions and love. That’s it, really. Plus a sore baby finger and the slow decay of the body…

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