05 February 2006

The possibility of a reader

My other blog, on the other side, has been having major problems; they are not due to me, I hasten to add, but to a change in hosting services. I am not blameless, though; I have been neglecting both blogs, and the reason why will require me to wade a little deeper in the strange and murky waters of internet, psychology, truth and reality. Even though this blog is so far a readerless one, I am strangely reluctant to link it to my real life. As soon as I write this sentence, I see one problem with it: I don’t know if it is readerless; I know it is comment-free. In fact, I know 4 people might be reading it, because they are linked to my real life, and I gave them the address. There is, however, the possibility of a reader (to paraphrase the title of a book I haven’t read…) There is indeed the necessity of a reader, if this is to become the ethnographic experience my research requires. The adolescents’ or young adults’ blogs I read have a ready-made audience of the real-life of internet friends, which grows exponentially through linking and “friending”. Very rarely is there a reflexion on the reader, his/her presence and responsibility, except obliquely, when a blog becomes locked – this is usually due to real-life acquaintances becoming readers. I also read blogs from older authors, and those seem to reflect more on the notions of audience, responsibility and “contract”, as in Lejeune’s “pacte autobiographique”. Indeed Lejeune is quoted in a discussion in Christie’s blog. Interesting, and it allowed me to avoid another personal post…

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