21 February 2006

Stylistic analysis and the use of briquettes

The Little One is a great fan of Roddy Doyle's children's books (better than JK Rowling), and we had had a serious conversation last night, during a long evening walk. Little One offered some stylistic analysis of his own on the work:

"He's getting better with every book, and I'm going to write books like his, probably when I'm 11, so I have time to have a brainstorm. And I'll use lots of brickets."

"Brickets?" I enquired.

"Yes, brickets, you know, to tell people something is happening. Like: he opened the door (slowly). Brickets."

"Hmmm. Those are usually called brackets."

"OK; and three dots, too. He uses three dots when someone interrupts him when he' s writing."

(Hmmm. Three dots should be well used when I write then, I thought, in a cunning use of brickets).

So Little One wrote a letter to The Author, expressing his admiration for "the bit when the snails want to take over the world", and refrained from taking him to task over writing all those books for grownups when his real audience were waiting and having to read The Meanwhile Adventures for the 10th time.

I think the Author liked it.


Anonymous said...


Came here from Blue Witch's comments box, and wondered if you are that self-same Seldom who's cropped up in my comments from time to time? If so, hello again! If not, er, just hello!

Roddy Doyle rocks. J.K. Rowling also, but less-so.


Cathy said...

Hi KW, yes, one and the same, slowly getting to grips with my own blog! Harder than I thought, but a Very Good Opportunity to avoid work... How's the word count?

Anonymous said...

Oh now - don't go spoiling a beautiful friendship by bringing the 'w' word into it! ;)

It's coming along, but slooowwwwllllyyy. Ugh.

Ah yes, the avoidance of work - excellent opportunities lie herein.

Anonymous said...

I'm on a mission to find out how many words KW writes in comments boxes rather than in her thesis...

It's not looking good for you KW ;)

Anonymous said...