04 April 2006

Happy roundabouts

I recently heard a puzzling sentence in a conversation : « They know I’m gay as a roundabout. » I thought and thought, and various explanations came to mind; first, it could be a very culture-specific reference, understandable to those more versed in gay culture than I am; then, the image of the Magic Roundabout came to mind with Florence the boring girl (in my memories anyway), Dougal the orange dog and Zebedee the strange bouncing character; and I thought, yes, happy, funny roundabout, so gay in a roundabout way. But neither explanation was satisfactory. I asked around me, unsuccessfully. Then, the Very Big Sister came home and laughed at my ignorance. The expression, apparently, is “straight as a roundabout”, and was obviously changed by the speaker. I like his version better, and think it should be adopted by all.

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