15 August 2006

Summer rain

Back to grey skies and summer rain. I arrived back on Sunday and have been sleepwalking ever since, trying as usual to fit back into my Irish life. Experience tells me it will take a week. I don't have a week, as I will be flying to a doctoral workshop in Sweden, exciting and scary...

Mr. Seldom rang me this morning from his car, saying the Minister for Education was being interviewed on the radio, and was talking about Bebo and blogging; I missed it and will listen online this afternoon. I do wonder which studies she bases her reactions on, as I have been unable to find any studies or reports on Irish adolescents' use of social networks and blogs. After listening to the interview, I realised it was the usual cyberbullying lark and danger in the cyberhighways. The Minister also spoke of the "isolationist" nature of the internet, due to increased online communication, which, to her mind, hinders their face2face communication. I could hear my supervisor's voice saying "reference?"

I hadn't been reading blogs for a month, and discovered on my return that one of my regular reads, Petite Anglaise , had been sacked from her job in the parisian office of an English firm for "faute grave", the serious misconduct of blogging.