22 September 2006


After Stephanie’s attemptto refine a definition of “blog”, danah boyd is today fighting the good fight with terminology, and more particularly the term “social networking site”, commonly used in print media. She points out that only adults use those terms, young people prefer to refer to the sites they use by name. I have noticed the same trend amongst young Irish bloggers, who refer to their LiveJournal, or their Bebo, not their blog or their social networking site/page. Danah proposes to continue the use of social network, and to refuse the verb which, she says, hints at voluntary search for new and unknown internet users, raising once again the fear of predator in the mind of the media/parents.

These posts are very timely for my own research, as I am struggling with terminology in the first part of my literature review. For the supervisor’s whip has been raised, and write I must. Preferably now. Instead of writing a blog post. Which I rarely do, unless I have a deadline…

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