03 September 2006

A post of days

Back home, back in college, everyone (or nearly) back at school. And hopefully, back blogging, and blogging properly. I missed Blogday, where bloggers were encouraged to link to five international blogs of their choice. It was a nice idea, but naturally you wonder about language and the new borders it creates.

It also got me thinking of all the International * Days, and where do they come from? Some googling on a rainy Sunday morning came up with the UN's list of International Days . Hmm... No blogday. So more googling, going well beyond the first four results that we all apparently stick to. Found an International Day of Action for Rivers, an International Museum Day, an
International Migratory Birds Day , even - probably my favourite, an International No Diet Day . And I also finally found the Blogday. But no International Biking Day . It would seem you cycle on your own...

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