20 February 2007


The Little One and I were watching Superman Returns. New Superman bears a vague resemblance to old Superman, but that's beside the point. Five years can change a man, even more so when he's gone in search of his long-lost and utterly destroyed home planet. Towards the end of the film, Superman flies into the stratosphere, bearing the burden of a humongous rock of kryptonite. He throws it away, and then collapses, and slowly falls to earth.

"How can he fall so eloquently?" asked my young linguist.

19 February 2007

Why do I thus waste my time?

I was deep, deep into the third chapter of Discourse and Social Change, I swear, really involved in taking notes and reflecting on a social theory of discourse, when I realised it was imperative and urgent to amend my Amazon shopping basket and include Foucault's L'ordre du discours. So far so good, totally acceptable time-wasting exercise.
But what greets me on the Amazon page, waving madly at me with a spooky blue grin? Mr. Target, obviously inspired by one of the lesser Mr. Men. What's a student to do? Click, of course, on the little blue yoke, to discover - although much much too late in my case, and sadly too late also for my poor neglected children - that Little Blue Yoke is a potty training aide.
And I quote:

Helps to accelerate the Toilet/Potty Training Process
Makes using the toilet fun and interesting
Helps to get children out of nappies faster
Promotes greater hygiene standards in the bathroom, by giving children a point of focus
Works for girls and boys
Made with Hygienilac(R), a patented antibacterial ingredient
Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks
Floats on the surface of the water, inside the toilet bowl and doesn't sink
Can help to reduce nappy expenditure
Great for children of all ages, including Dad!

I do wonder about the Works for girls and boys part, visions of little girls falling in the toilet, and I also rather gag at the thought of Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks ...

I wonder what Mr. Faiclough would make of it. Or M. Foucault, for that matter.

15 February 2007

Back again

It was snowing when I went to France earlier this month, snow and also freezing fog, lengthening my stay when planes couldn't land in Biarritz. A taste of real winter, sharp and cold and transforming the forest into a snow-queen playground.

I came back energized and ready to jump back into reading, researching and writing. And resolved to once and for all resume blogging.

Ha! This was discounting my truly amazing propensity for procrastinating. I did start working, but an entry on a blog was left to tonight when I get home, after I've cooked dinner, just before I go to bed, after I've finished reading other people's blogs, and maybe follow a few links, tomorrow without fail, when I get to college, after I've read this article, after lunch, this week-end definitely...

I have however uploaded my pictures on my still-new and more than ever beloved laptop, hence the snow.