19 February 2007

Why do I thus waste my time?

I was deep, deep into the third chapter of Discourse and Social Change, I swear, really involved in taking notes and reflecting on a social theory of discourse, when I realised it was imperative and urgent to amend my Amazon shopping basket and include Foucault's L'ordre du discours. So far so good, totally acceptable time-wasting exercise.
But what greets me on the Amazon page, waving madly at me with a spooky blue grin? Mr. Target, obviously inspired by one of the lesser Mr. Men. What's a student to do? Click, of course, on the little blue yoke, to discover - although much much too late in my case, and sadly too late also for my poor neglected children - that Little Blue Yoke is a potty training aide.
And I quote:

Helps to accelerate the Toilet/Potty Training Process
Makes using the toilet fun and interesting
Helps to get children out of nappies faster
Promotes greater hygiene standards in the bathroom, by giving children a point of focus
Works for girls and boys
Made with Hygienilac(R), a patented antibacterial ingredient
Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks
Floats on the surface of the water, inside the toilet bowl and doesn't sink
Can help to reduce nappy expenditure
Great for children of all ages, including Dad!

I do wonder about the Works for girls and boys part, visions of little girls falling in the toilet, and I also rather gag at the thought of Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks ...

I wonder what Mr. Faiclough would make of it. Or M. Foucault, for that matter.

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