15 March 2007

Two things

Two things today: widget-related, and tag-related.

I have finally added a widget, even though the name had been bothering me and keeping me away from widgeting. But I gave in, mostly because my delicio.us is in a terrible mess and I have no time to clean up. So a widgetory glance can tell me which entries I have been noting on the work front; the tarte tatin aux endives is not entirely related to work, but it could be. And because I am entirely serious and not at all prone to attacks of procrastination, I do not include the really intriguing blog entries, such as The One On How to Get Rid of A Body or The One with the ExpletivOMeter.

Which leads me nicely to the realisation that I do not need tags on this blog, so single-minded am I in the pursuit of procrastination. And I rue the day when I picked its name; rumble strips should slow you down a little, not bring you to a halt every 100 meters.


SGul said...

Hi cathy,

I finally managed to make it to your blog and read some of it. Need to wrap my head around it a bit before i can comment on the text. Given, that i am not your target group, can i comment, at all, btw?

Cathy said...

Hi Shirin, nice to see you here :) Your comments are very welcome, no target group here, anyone is welcome!