16 April 2007

A little list

Waterstones have asked their staff to compile a list of their favourite novels (published since 1982), and have issued the 100 favourite books, listed in chronological order. I have read 38, and may I freely admit that they include the wonderful Gruffalo. It is by no means a literary list, or an anything in particular list, just a list of books some people who sell books have liked; if it was anything else, it would be criminally incomplete. But I love lists anyway, so here's my very short list of awards, directly related to the Waterstones list:

The one I most wish I hadn't bothered with: Five People You Meet in Heaven.
The one I wish they had included: an awful lot, amongst which That They May Face the Rising Sun, The Blackwater Lightship, more Terry Pratchett
The one that's beside my bed but I haven't yet opened: The New York Trilogy
The one I doubt I will ever read: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
The one I wish I had time to read: A Suitable Boy

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