23 April 2007

Sego, Sarko, ethics and definitions

SO here we are, after hours and hours of soundbytes, and miles and miles of pictures and words, it is now down to two. Sego-Sarko as they say back home. I’ve spent a lot of time back home, virtually speaking, over the past weeks, and I have read a lot of French blogs, following from abroad the campaigns of the main candidates to the French election.

What interested me – nearly as much as the political aspect, was that two issues seemed to exercise the political bloggers: ethics (should they issue the results of the exit polls before 20.00 hours, which would have been illegal, but tempting – freedom of speech, of course, and the affordance was there, why not use it?) and definitions (what – or who - is a “real” blogger?)

Both issues are, I think, at the heart of blogging in general, and not only French blogging, or political blogging, or French political blogging. Indeed both issues are at the heart of the personal blogs as well as the opinion blogs. Ethics, as seen of course in the recent code for bloggers proposed by Tim O’Reilly, but also in the day to day issues facing personal bloggers, issues of moral responsibility and of self-disclosure. Definitions also, as arguments flourish over definitions of Web 2.0, and of the word blog itself.

More to come, from the French elections, from French bloggers, and from those vexed issues.

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