09 May 2007

Politics and the net

The French presidential election over, bloggers reflect or move on. Their impact on the campaign, and that of the internet in general, through official sites and very unofficial ones is now the subject of a documentary. It can be accessed, free, for one week on the Arte site. The filmmakers followed the webmasters and some bloggers, from the first steps to the results. The first steps are the use of internet as a new power by Bayrou, the use of the Web 2.0 by Royal, with the opening of the site to users, which resulted in a "book of hope", record of ordinary web users' comments, reflections and requests. The French political bloggers enthusiastically talked of a 5th power, and yet an academic pointed out that the perceived democracy of the medium should be balanced by the social background of the political blogosphere and their readers - young, urban, and university graduates.

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Dr. Jessica Laccetti said...

What a fascinating video! Thanks for sharing.