13 June 2007

An organised blog?

From Jill Walker's blog today, a strangely interesting link to a blog binder. I thought it would be a new blogging tool, but it is an ordinary folder with paper dividers. The picture of a binder with handwritten notes seems incongruous in relation to blogging, its DIY flavour at odds with the technological context, proof if ever there was that we are not digital natives. A conversation in college recently showed that even the most technologically minded still write articles longhand, the speed of the machine somehow hindering the thought process. Others write all their reading notes on notebooks, paper supporting paper. I still go around with several notebooks in my numerous bags, one for The PhD, one for funny quirky things I find in papers, or quotations from books unrelated to The PhD, one for lists... But I am also becoming addicted to the organising powers of Google, my personalised page holding my feed reader, calendar, notebook, to do list and del.icio.us links.

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