21 July 2007

Facebook again

It seems that Facebook is making puzzled waves in the Irish blogosphere, interestingly at a time where it seems to be leaving its traditional US college-based demographics. Not only does it now attract younger US teenagers, albeit by reproducing a social divide, but it is opening up to a non-college base. Jill Walker points out that, on top of 85% of US college students, visitors 35+ increased 98% in the past year.

I had registered a while back, all in the name of research, naturally, and ended up being “friended” by an Irish-American college student sharing the same family name; it is however my husband’s name, mine heralding from sunnier climes; one disappointed “friend”, one empty profile. Now that my age-group (most definitely 35+) is joining, maybe I should go back and investigate some more.

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