10 July 2007

Strange people, brought to you by Google

A while back, after reading Blankpaige’s enthusiastic endorsement, I registered with Statcounter and kept a vague eye on things, reckoning that most of the time, only my own visits were recorded, with a short outburst whenever I linked to someone’s post. Today, sick to death of trying to write a chapter that will not let itself be written, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the analysis offered by Statcounter. I am subsequently slightly unnerved and more than a little nonplussed. Who was the visitor from Denver, Colorado, who came through a Google search of “the rumble strips boys and girls” (yuck!) and stayed for 13 minutes!!! And as for the person from Toronto, who looked for “PhD lol”, I honestly can’t see the joke at the moment. Back to trying to draw blood from a stone.


Paige A Harrison said...

Statcounter rocks although I've just moved to wordpress and can't figure how to install it.

Statcounter is great for blog poerty too!

Anonymous said...

Girls & Boys in Love rocks. anyone who says different is is having a near death experience!