23 November 2007

Procrastination flow chart

For procrastinators everywhere, from someone who must surely be the ultimate procrastinator. I bow to him/her, whoever they are...

22 November 2007

PowerPoint pointers

I have often slept through PP presentations, but have also seen some which I really admired. A real find on Jess's blog, this Powerpoint presentation to end all boring Powerpoint presentations.

14 November 2007

2 wishes for the future

It seems that for Science Week, bloggers are being encouraged to reflect on science, past, present and future. Damien Mulley posted today's question, and two entries already covered the Star Trek transporter and Giant Fighting Robots. The question was "what invention would you like to see in the future?"; that was not enough for me. I need an "s" on that invention, and none of that altruistic stuff about saving the world. I want the future to be all about me. First invention (and please invent quick!!!): a calory-annihilating machine, so that I can eat this and this, and not even think of a WeightWatchers meeting. Once this is done, my svelte self wants a self-cleaning house; close the door in the morning, and when you come home, no dust, no disgusting scummy lines in the shower/bath, no crumbs on the table, no puddle where your ten year old spillt the bowl of coco pops and "forgot" to clean it. If noone can invent either of those, then, can I please become like Samantha?

13 November 2007

Blogging in and out of the classroom

The day after I found the reluctant blogger, Stephanie posted an entry on the blog opera she had attended, created from 100 blog entries from students at the University of Umeå . Talk about blogs in the classroom! The themes, it would seem, are drawn from diary-style blogs, dealing with
"teen-age angst, love and snow mobile racing". The production seems to be very interesting, including technology and music, and venturing into audience participation by SMS. I'll take her word for it, for unfortunately for us, the production is in Swedish. Umeå is the home of Humlab, where I attended a workshop last year, and I was so impressed - and slightly jealous of this wonderful space dedicated to transdisciplinary digital humanities.

I used to find I was always at a loss when faced with the question: A Phd? In what? Hemmm... Well.... After seeing Humlab, and meeting very interesting Internet researchers last month in Vancouver, I now answer : in digital humanities. And that usually is the end of the questions.

09 November 2007

Blogging in the classroom?

Looking up references and searching for an article by N. Baym on qualitative research, I came upon a blog, obviously part of a class exercise, with a revealing
title: Forced blog, and a similarly revealing pseudonym: reluctant blogger. THe blog itself is simply a series of class essays,seemingly on cyberculture, at a rate of one a week. Some thoughts were forced to the surface: why study cyberculture/Internet if you are so unwilling to participate? And on another level, why have blogs as a tool and only use them as a memory? It seems a sad underutilisation of the medium, and also a strange lesson to forgo the communicative element. If all that is needed is a publishing/sharing tool, why not Google docs or similar? However, the reluctance of some students to engage with technology and with alternative teaching methods should not be underestimated either, it is a learning curve, and for some, a steep one. I would very much like to see an example of class blogs being used to their full potential...

08 November 2007

Google procrastination

On YouTube, a quick search for Google secrets revealed 2 850 results. Of course, I felt compelled to peruse some of them, and then, naturally, to try out their "secrets". That part was extremely disappointing, as most "secrets" seem to have disappeared. No more Google loco if you click on "I'm feeling lucky". The Easter bunny is still there, but I soon lost patience with the game, and failed to put any eggs in his basket. Besides, Christmas is coming, what good is an Easter bunny among the jingling bells and shiny reindeer?

This little exercise did prove one thing: I am not the only procrastinator on earth.

Back to writing.