13 November 2007

Blogging in and out of the classroom

The day after I found the reluctant blogger, Stephanie posted an entry on the blog opera she had attended, created from 100 blog entries from students at the University of Umeå . Talk about blogs in the classroom! The themes, it would seem, are drawn from diary-style blogs, dealing with
"teen-age angst, love and snow mobile racing". The production seems to be very interesting, including technology and music, and venturing into audience participation by SMS. I'll take her word for it, for unfortunately for us, the production is in Swedish. Umeå is the home of Humlab, where I attended a workshop last year, and I was so impressed - and slightly jealous of this wonderful space dedicated to transdisciplinary digital humanities.

I used to find I was always at a loss when faced with the question: A Phd? In what? Hemmm... Well.... After seeing Humlab, and meeting very interesting Internet researchers last month in Vancouver, I now answer : in digital humanities. And that usually is the end of the questions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

I was wondering if you made any contacts in Vancouver or could point me in some direction when it comes to places that work with digital humanities in Vancouver. I worked with the blog and sms part of the blogopera in Umeå and am planning a new thing in Vancouver.


Cathy said...

Hi Lars, unfortunately I didn't get to talk to many people from Vancouver, but maybe you could try contacting SFU; they organized the conference last year. Are you part of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)? They are an international group, and could be helpful as well. Good luck with Vancouver, it's a great place :)