09 November 2007

Blogging in the classroom?

Looking up references and searching for an article by N. Baym on qualitative research, I came upon a blog, obviously part of a class exercise, with a revealing
title: Forced blog, and a similarly revealing pseudonym: reluctant blogger. THe blog itself is simply a series of class essays,seemingly on cyberculture, at a rate of one a week. Some thoughts were forced to the surface: why study cyberculture/Internet if you are so unwilling to participate? And on another level, why have blogs as a tool and only use them as a memory? It seems a sad underutilisation of the medium, and also a strange lesson to forgo the communicative element. If all that is needed is a publishing/sharing tool, why not Google docs or similar? However, the reluctance of some students to engage with technology and with alternative teaching methods should not be underestimated either, it is a learning curve, and for some, a steep one. I would very much like to see an example of class blogs being used to their full potential...

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