16 January 2008

And even more mockery

This is mockery of the highest order. I had hardly pressed the publish button on the previous post, and had gone to the Amazon mothership, not the UK one, in search of another book. This is what they tactfully suggested:

I am speechless. The signs have been sent to me. I'm off to the library, my laptop under my arm, and will only come out when the chapter is written. Or I get thin. Whichever comes first...

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emmet said...

Yes the internet can really throw it in your face at times.

That said Uni libraries in Dublin aren't bad at it either. When I did my masters in DCU I felt like the system was playing cruel jokes on me while wandering around Trinity's library at the time (it was 3 and a half years ago so could have changed since) was downright befuddling.