03 March 2008

30 minutes

I went to the Irish blog awards on Saturday, and to the Tea Party beforehand. Both were attended by very nice people, and many new blogs will have to be read henceforth. I had already added this to my reader, for the times when I actually have time to try out new recipes. Grannymar and Grandad won the personal blog award, and they made a dashing couple on the podium.

I also got a lesson in time management from Grandad, who blogs for 30 minutes (or was it an hour and 30 minutes?) in the morning, then writes (he got a book deal, you see...) and then works at his other job. And makes time for a 2 hours nap in the afternoon. It got me to wonder if this was not the answer to my writing problem. Maybe if I start the day with a blog post, and time myself for this (30 minutes would have to do), then the words might flow on the thesis front...

He also mistook me for Kathy Foley, whose name is so similar to mine, but she has a K and no W; she also has a different take on blogs and blogging. Reading this column, once more I am startled at the different meanings for the word blog, and its constant linking to conventional media. As Haydn points out, it seems that "influential" bloggers are journalists. Other bloggers who make the transition into print media are those with the fabled "book deal". However, this book deal often sees the death of the blog in its glorious vitality, one must presume in order to keep some material for the publishers. This has not happened to Twenty Major, the recipient of the Best Blog award, whose blog is still vibrant and funny and ... a blog (I must confess that I have not read his book, and thus cannot compare it to the posts).

The conventional media tend to overlook the vast majority of blogs, which are personal blogs. However, academics and academic bloggers tend to concentrate on those, rather than on journalistic blogs, except maybe in the field of media studies. What fascinates me in blogs and blogging is the emergence of a new form of communication rather than a new form of publishing, and the blogs I prefer to read are snippets of life.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry about the name mixup Cathy. Particularly after yesterday's article!

An hour for this morning's post. I'm now in work phase until two, when I might have a nap. Then the Book, which is sorely neglected over the weekend. *sigh*

It was great meeting you. If I seemed bewildered, it was because I was.. well, bewildered?

Cathy said...

No problem about the mixup, Grandad, I have been called worse names :) And thanks for the masterclass on writing schedules, I now have high hopes of finishing the dratted thesis :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy, I'm so glad you left a comment because I couldn't remember the name of your blog and googling "cathy" didn't work as well as googling "damien". Anyhow, now that I have you, I'll be adding you to the wonderful invention that is the google reader!

Best of luck with the writing.