13 March 2008

Bebo, AOL and what's hot

I see in The Guardian today that Bebo has been bought by AOL for $850m. The Guardian are talking of Bebo "riding the second dot com wave", and Jemima Kiss has worked out that deal works out at $38 per Beboer... It would seem my home is worth $76 to Bebo, then.

Nothing about the money, or AOL on the Bebo front page. What's hot today on Bebo is the All-for-Nots ("The band that will conquer the world wide web...unless they run out of gas.") It's all about music, and videos, and your Bebo skins , but a press release is to be found in the press section:

"Bebo is the perfect complement to AOL's personal communications network and puts us in a leading position in social media," said Randy Falco, Chairman and CEO, AOL. "What drew us to Bebo was its substantial and fast-growing worldwide user-base, its vision of a truly social web, and the monetization opportunities that leverage Platform-A across our combined global audience. This positions us to offer advertisers even greater reach and marketers significant insights into the desires and needs of consumers."

Today, surprisingly enough, the advertiser on the front page was the University of Liverpool, for their online masters course.

Back to the marketplace...


sonrie said...

Hello, I discovered your blog via Keynoter. I found the article on why people blog very interesting. Good luck on your thesis; I, too, am writing one for my master's.

Cathy said...

Hi Sonrie, thanks and good luck to you too for your master's thesis.