06 April 2008

Sunday readings

On Sundays, while some read the Sunday Times or the Observer, or the Sunday Independent, I turn on my laptop and read the Sunday Secrets. Sometimes I pretend it is very interesting from a multimodal point of view (and it is); people making art with pen and paper, pictures and scissors, or with their computer, and sending their postcards by mail, snail mail, so that they end up on a web site. They tell their secret, some may be innermost secrets, of the kind that wake you up at night and eat you during the day, some may be invented, but most of them speak to people, anonymously. And people seem to respond, emailing the owner of the site. And hundreds turn up at the talks he gives in universities, linked to Facebook groups. Multimedia. Multimodal. But the truth - the secret - is that I read them every Sunday like I look at people in buses and train stations and airports, and imagine their life. We all become Miss Marple, peeping from behind her curtain - or our screens.


Anonymous said...

People also make up their 'secret' cards and slip them between the covers of the Postsecret book in the shops - so others will find them randomly, a secret communicated to an audience of one.

It's really spawned a life of its own in this respect - sort of viral? Fascinating stuff.

Cathy said...

It really is, and the mixing of old and new media is just perfect. I love the idea of the written cards in the books, as I also love the bookcrossing concept, and both mix online and real life, book and screen.