28 August 2008

I google you, you google me...

Not only is google a verb, and probably a noun very soon in a blog near you (how many googles did you get?), now it is also a song...

The lyrics are below, taken from the Author Himself, in the comments of a blog.

I Google you
late at night when I don’t know what to do
I find photos
you’ve forgotten
you were in
put up by your friends

I Google you
when the day is done and everything is through
I read your journal
that you kept
that month in France
I’ve watched you dance

And I’m pleased your name is practically unique
it’s only you and
a would-be PhD in Chesapeake
who writes papers on
the structure of the sun
I’ve read each one

I know that I
should let you fade
but there’s that box
and there’s your name
somehow it never makes the pain
grow less or fade or disappear
I think that I should save my soul and
I should crawl back in my hole
But it’s too easy just to fold
and type your name again
I fear
I google you
Whenever I’m alone and feeling blue
And each scrap of information
That I gather
says you’ve got somebody new
And it really shouldn’t matter
ought to blow up my computer
but instead….
I google you

Neil Gaiman

19 August 2008


I have minimized the Google reader window on my personalised page, I check my email once a day, I ignore links sent to me. I code, and I write. I certainly do not burst bubbles, no matter how satisfying the sound. And Spider Solitaire? I leave it to its lonely life.