22 September 2008

One Web Day

Today is One Web Day, and amongst other things, people have been invited to submit their stories here, stories of how the Internet has changed their lives.

I got connected in 1999 when we were living in Paris, and have since made many friends, met some of them , read hundreds of blogs, and embarked on a PhD in digital humanities. Researching without the help and ease of Internet search engines and online journals seems nearly impossible at this stage. I do vaguely remember researching for a Master's degrees aeons ago, and spending inordinate amounts of time in the National Library, hunched over microfilms. Now, I have my trusted and beloved blue laptop, and Internet connections whereever I want to work, and instant access to any resource I need. I also have access to many many procrastination tools, but I have leant to use them sparingly...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Distractions like Facebook?! I rue the hours I've wasted on that thing!!

Yes indeedy, search engines are a blessing, but you really can't beat the smell of a library or its ability to infect you with the need to leaf through endless books about things you'd never considered before. I so hope they don't become obsolete.