13 March 2009

WWW @ 20

Twenty years ago today, I'm not sure what I was doing. I know I was working part-time, and that I spent a lot of time playing with my two little girls. What I wasn't doing, was sitting in front of a laptop, accessing far-away libraries and journals, and reading today's paper. But twenty years ago today (give or take), Tim Berners-Lee, the mind behind the web, was setting us all on the path to a new way of life. Today, in CERN, they are celebrating.

They are having a party, which will be open to all as a webcast:

It will consist of short presentations from Web veterans, a keynote speech from Tim Berners-Lee with a demonstration of the original browser, and a series of presentations from people that Tim believes are doing exciting things with the Web today.

Although the event is by invitation only, everyone will be able to follow the event:

The celebration will be webcast (streamed both by CERN and the French newschannel lci.fr from 14:00 CET).

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

(picture: free clipart from Webweaver)

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