04 July 2009

Cyberbullying, cyberharassment and the Megan Meier case

Lori Drew was acquitted last week of charges against her in the cyberbullying case referring to the suicide of Megan Meier. Drew had created a fake account, pretended to be a young boy on MySpace,  befriending Megan Meier and subsequently attacked her online. The government argument it seems, was that Drew has violated the terms of service of MySpace, and that this was equivalent to hacking, which the judge refuted, arguing that this was tantamount to letting MySpace or other service providers decide on what was a crime.

More interestingly, as reported by NetFamily News, the Progress and Freedom Foundation blog makes reference to a report which differentiates between issues which are generally covered by the all-encompassing term of "cyberbullying":

They dfiiferentiate between cyberbullying, defined  as kid-on-kid abuse online, Cyberharassment , defined as people of all ages using the internet for abusive purposes, and Adult-on-kid cyberharassment, which would refer to the Megan Meier case more particularly.

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