18 September 2009

A French Downfall

The Downfall remixes have been going for more than a year.  In 2008, Wired estimated that hundreds had been created. This week, a new remix was published in France, dealing with the incident of the racist comments from the Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux.

The minister was attending a summer meeting in Seignosse, a small town in the Landes area. He was introduced to a young man from North African background, and is filmed saying: "Quand il y en a un ça va. C'est quand il y en a beaucoup qu'il y a des problèmes."  ("It's ok when there's only one; if there are many more, then you've got problems").  The video was published by the online edition of Le Monde, and it seems that many commentators criticized the unregulated internet,and the president of the UMP group, Jean François Cope, called for a public debate on "internet and freedom".  In the meantime, both the original video and now the downfall remix are gathering a growing audience...

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