20 November 2009

Jeu de main , jeu de ...

 For this week, no cake of indeterminate nationality or affiliation. After Thierry Henry handled a ball which cost Ireland its place in the world cup, and in the midst of an Internet storm of huge proportions,  this game arrived in my inbox, sent by some well-meaning friends. You can move Henry's arm and hand to score as many goals as you want, and help France to qualify...

Thierry Henry - Jeu de main - Le jeu !

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13 November 2009

Of soccer and flags

Because of the impending doom match tomorrow, and the vexing problem of my double allegiance, this post on Cake Wrecks just seemed so perfect.

11 November 2009

How (not to) write a thesis (part 9,742)

I have written. I am writing. I will write. I have to write. I must write. More. More often. Faster. Better.

I must not let my thinking turn into daydreaming.

(from todays PhD Comics: Brain Saver)

I all else fail, I can always follow Laurie's lead and use the Academic Sentence generator. It's an easy game - pick four words from the drop-down lists, and the generator creates your next sentence. Will you find those in my thesis?

The emergence of praxis may be parsed as the construction of agency.
The emergence of process carries with it the construction of power/knowledge.
 Back to work. And I must remember not use the word emergence.

05 November 2009

Google monster

Here he is again, the Google monster in today's Google doodle - brought to you by Sesame Street's 40th birthday!

Me, I google

Sesame Street has a famous googler in Cookie Monster, and I'm not surprised. The word Google is very attractive to children; my youngest son had a little stuffed monkey which he called Google, and Google went everywhere with us. Google is now hidden behind books, Playstation games and Warhammer figures, but it is still there, watching my little one grow into a teenager...