11 November 2009

How (not to) write a thesis (part 9,742)

I have written. I am writing. I will write. I have to write. I must write. More. More often. Faster. Better.

I must not let my thinking turn into daydreaming.

(from todays PhD Comics: Brain Saver)

I all else fail, I can always follow Laurie's lead and use the Academic Sentence generator. It's an easy game - pick four words from the drop-down lists, and the generator creates your next sentence. Will you find those in my thesis?

The emergence of praxis may be parsed as the construction of agency.
The emergence of process carries with it the construction of power/knowledge.
 Back to work. And I must remember not use the word emergence.

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Grannymar said...

Thank you Cathy!

Now I know where to go for inspiration.