21 May 2010

Edtech10 Keynote speech liveblogged

(crossposted from DCU_ILP blog

This is a live blogging post, as I am taking note while listening to the keynote speech at the EdTech conference in Athlone.  Jane Hart is talking about new ways of learning.

5 categories for learning
- formal structured learning (being taught or trained in a formal situation)
- personal directed learning (finding things out for yourself/by yourself)
- group directed learning (working with a team to solve pbs)
- introorganisational learning (everybody working and learning together)
- serendipitous learning (acquiring knowledge without realising ) - social media as a means of erendipitous learning.

Social learning successful when peopel change the way they approach learning. New toolset + new skillset + new mindset

1. Formal learning with Twitter

  tool for conference - see Jane's blog post

tool for synchronous learning  - see Thursday afternoons on Twitter, #lrnchat .

jane created the 140 university, where she tweets texts and supporting resource every week on interesting subjects - showing what can be taught in 140 characters.

live streams over Twitter (see a school in Devon with a small holding with a #pigcam.) on Twitcam, paired with a live chat.(now archived)

Formal contexts: several models:
- added on
- embedded
- collaborative - content cocreated by learners.

New tools happening, involving students.

Moving from creating content to co-creating - User generated content is acceptable and valuable (student generated content)
Needed: design skills and facilitation skills. Move from passive to active and participative learning.

Personal directed learning: finding out things for yourself is a very important part of learning.
 Everything I do (online)  is learning and working
Teaching is not the only way to learn. We must create learner autonomy. See Dan Pink, Drive
Individuals can solve their own learning needs, must help them moving towards autonomy, and some skills may need to be learnt (learning skills)

- Grou p directed learning
people together solving their own problems (learning pbs, business)
Group tweet - private way of using tweets
brainstorming and mindmapping tools. Helping groups address their learning needs.  People need to learn collaborative skills

- Intraorganisation learning.
How the whole organisation can learn from one another.  Use of private tools. (Yama)

You can't manage informal learning. - emergence of collaboration platforms ( see elgg - free opensource collaboration platform) Needs to be downloaded and put on a server. Private secure wall. Often being used alongside Moodle, for social or collaborative activities.

Disruptive innovation needs new mindsets. See Jane's website