18 February 2011

Blogging, way too personal

website page counterIt's been a long time. Early in December, I submitted my thesis. The words still ring very strangely, even though I repeat them every day. I submitted my thesis. And I stopped writing. No emails, no Christmas cards, no blog posts, no journal entries, none of my beloved lists of things to do, things I might do some day, things that would be nice to do even though I know I never will. No lists. No words.   I have not really started writing again, although my fingers still know how to type, they go straight to the right keys if I let them.

Right now, I am in limbo, thesis submitted but viva still to come, wishing for new things but hoping for a proper ending to old ones.

And then there's this blog, which has been as sporadic as they come, and which I would like to resurrect now. I have been thinking about blogging quite a lot since I submitted my thesis, and I have been thinking about my own blogging. Stephanie wrote a very thoughtful  post a while back, which echoes many of my thoughts and feelings. I too need the personal in my blogging, and yet this was to be a research blog, or a blog about blogging and blogging research; the personal seeps in, but when it does, the blog stalls. I may find a happy medium between the personal blogs which I read and love, and the research blogs which inspire me. I may start writing again soon, words may find their way back to me. In the mean time, I know I love Stephanie's tag for some of her posts: "Way too personal".  I think I will adopt it, and use it often.